Top 5 Minecraft 1.19 Seed Map

When abandoned mines meet ancient cities

Minecraft 1.19神级地图种子TOP5

the first impression of “abandoned mine” players is “complex”, intricate and criss-crossed. They always feel that they can’t help it. They have completely explored it. Moreover, we often encounter the combination of “abandoned mine” and “fortress”. The reason is very simple. Both are relatively large relics.

In this map, the “abandoned mine” began to try again, challenging the more complicated “ruins”, that is, the “ancient city”, and produced a “chemical reaction”. The passage of the abandoned mine almost connected all the treasure chests of the ruins of the “ancient city”, and also “presented” a zombie Spawner.

When you think playing “late”

Minecraft 1.19神级地图种子TOP5

when playing “League of Heroes”, after deciding to play an ADC, it will take early development and late development to hit explosive damage. When playing “Minecraft”, players sometimes decide how long to play when they create archives. If you are a “persistent” player and can play to the end with a picture, then this map is absolutely suitable for you.

The map is composed of three islands of different styles. One island is relatively flat and suitable for its own base. The terrain of the island is steep, and the inner cave leads to the “ancient city” underground. Even in the ancient city, there is a natural “zombie Spawner”, and the last island is inhabited by residents, which is very suitable for single-machine survival.

The best “mahogany forest” map

Minecraft 1.19神级地图种子TOP5

in fact, for a Normal survival player, it is enough to start a village. After all, in any case, most of the early days were spent in mining, and this “mahogany forest” village map is definitely a great map Seeds for 1.19.

There is a well-preserved existence near the Spawn point. The style buildings are all mahogany series. There is a feeling of a paradise. The dense vegetation completely covers the village. There are no other shortcomings except that it is not easy to “light up”. Moreover, along the river, there is a large “clay mountain” and another village nearby.

Mount fuji

Minecraft 1.19神级地图种子TOP5

as we all know, Mount Fuji is a famous active volcano, and there are signs of eruption recently. The top of the mountain is covered with snow all the year round. This blend of “ice and fire” is very artistic. In Minecraft maps, there are often such terrains, such as this complex mountain map.

The distance from the Spawn point to hundreds of blocks in the surrounding area, there is almost no flat terrain. It is completely a mountain range of various complex structures. With a light and shadow, players who like “extreme survival” can try it. Spawn point the bottom of the nearby mountain range, there are more secrets hidden, an ancient city with more “vitality.

Miniature ice thorn plain

Minecraft 1.19神级地图种子TOP5

as we all know, ice floes have always been a very important tool block in “Minecraft”. However, terrain such as ice thorn plains that generate ice floes are extremely rare. However, although the general ice thorn plain is rare, the terrain area is not small enough to meet all the needs of players and ice floes.

In this map, near the player’s Spawn point, there is a “ice thorn plain” directly, and it is a miniature version. You can see the other end of the map at a glance, just like the Vatican, a country in Europe. Although the area is small, it is very important to the player.

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