Minecraft 1.18.2-1.10.2 The Lost Cities Mod

Mod Info

It allows players to experience a brand-new world, which has been abandoned. When players create a world, they can choose “lost city” as the world type. Players need to survive in an abandoned and Destroy world. Everything you see is like this!

In the game, you can use 2 diamond blocks, 6 arbitrary heads and 1 bed to form a portal, which runs between the lost city and the Vanilla world. It is closed by default and needs to be opened manually! Server users only need to install this Mod on the server, and the client can use it without installation!


normal cities: the largest number, almost all over the world, with a large number of traces of explosion damage, brush cages and treasure chests in the building, and subways underground.

Unspoilt City: Almost the same as Normal City, except for the traces of explosive damage

high-rise buildings: generating huge high-rise buildings

safe city: there will be lights inside the building, and there will be no Spawner and treasure chest, which is relatively safe.

Sparse city: the distribution of buildings is relatively sparse, most of which are Vanilla terrain.

Wasteland: Terrain with relatively low water level, the ground is yellowish

ancient city: The exterior walls of the building are covered with moss, most of which are covered under tropical jungles.

Atlantis: most of the buildings are submerged in water, only the upper half of the building will be exposed/li>

underground city (1.12.2 exclusive): a dark, underground city, completely without the sun

empty Island City (1.12.2 Proprietary): The whole city floats in the air, and beyond the city is an endless void

space City (1.12.2 Proprietary): An ecological sphere generated in the endless void. The internal environment is different. There are railroad tracks and glass pipes connected between each ecological sphere.

Eco-sphere (1.12.2 exclusive): only severely damaged buildings, no vegetation, biology and water

seawater cities (1.12.2 exclusive): Most of them are the same as space cities, but only the top is exposed outside, and the rest is covered by seawater


图片[1] - 我的世界1.18.2-1.10.2失落城市 The Lost Cities Mod - 我的世界国际版中文网 图片[2] - 我的世界1.18.2-1.10.2失落城市 The Lost Cities Mod - 我的世界国际版中文网 图片[3] - 我的世界1.18.2-1.10.2失落城市 The Lost Cities Mod - 我的世界国际版中文网 图片[4] - 我的世界1.18.2-1.10.2失落城市 The Lost Cities Mod - 我的世界国际版中文网

How To Install Minecraft Mod

  1. Press the key combination “Window+R” to Open the Run command window
  2. Insert “%appdata%” and then press “Enter” to open The “Roaming folder”
  3. You should see a folder named “.minecraft”. If you see a folder named “mods”, simply open it.
  4. If you don’t see any “mods” folder in “.minecraft” folder, don’t worry! You can just create a new folder and name it “mods”. Right-click in the folder, choose “New” -> “Folder”, rename the folder to “mods” and you are done!

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