Minecraft 1.18.2 Evernight Map

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In an accident, you fell into a huge cave. In the cave is a seemingly long-lost relic, and at the end of the relic is a portal, leading you to an unknown world ruled by seven precious stones.

But because the gems scattered around for unknown reasons, the world was trapped in the permanent night. If you want to return to the original world, you must conquer all kinds of Hard to regain the seven precious stones. In your journey, the mysteries of the world have been solved one by one.


Single or multi-person cooperation

1. The difficulty can be selected according to the number of players and the recommended player types provided.

2. The difficulty of the game will determine the starting level of the map. The Easy mode starts from level 0, with each difficulty +2, etc.

Map Level & Progress Level

1. Every time you beat a big boss of the main line, the map level and progress level will be +1, etc.

2. The map level will affect the blood volume, attack power and Boss skills of all creatures. The initial level is based on the difficulty you choose.

3. The progress level will affect the falling objects and the contents of the treasure chest. The initial level will always start from 0.

4. The mechanism of increasing the level for each step of progress is to force players to upgrade and progress, not to make a difficulty from beginning to end. Some upgrade materials are also dropped at a specific level to avoid the phenomenon of getting top weapons at the initial level.

Eight epic Boss battles (not counting small Boss)

1. The Boss of this map basically needs some observation, reaction or tactics to defeat. Remember, upgrading equipment can only prevent you from being seconds, and the skills you should hide still have to hide. This is to avoid the phenomenon that players ignore the hard resistance of skills.

2. The skills of some Boss will vary according to the number of players, so the more players there are, the more difficult it is theoretically, that is, automatic balance

3. After the player dies, he will enter the observer mode. After all the players die, the Boss will reset and send all the players back to the village. This is to avoid the phenomenon of wheel fighting/corpse stacking

Upgrade System and Weapons & Equipment Skills

1. Players only get starting weapons and equipment at the beginning. The only way to get better weapons and equipment is to kill monsters and get money to buy corresponding upgrade materials to upgrade.

2. The skill of the weapon will slowly unlock with the level of the weapon,[1]-[3] is active skill,[P] is passive skill

3. After the equipment is upgraded to diamond, there will be nine branch upgrade routes. After choosing the type you like, you will get a full set of passive after upgrading to the top with the corresponding materials.

Treasure chest

1. The treasure chest is divided into 1~3 grades. Since the progress level will change the contents, it is divided into C ~ S according to the progress level.

2. The higher the class, the better things, and it is relatively difficult to find. The treasure chest disappeared after opening and was reset for a period of time, but the contents were all random

3. The reset time of the first-order treasure chest is 5 minutes, the second-order is 15 minutes, and the third-order is 1 hour.

Transmission Stone and Transmission Stone Tablet

1. You can look for transmission steles at various locations to record those locations. After recording, you can use transmission stones to transmit them to designated recording locations.

2.Boss battle, NPC dialogue and animation cannot be used during, in order to prevent the phenomenon of missing the plot by running away or running around

Custom state effect

1. “Brittle”: equivalent to breaking defense, reducing the player’s armor value

2. [Purification]: Eliminate and immunize negative effects

3. [Seal]: No weapon skills can be used during the period

4: [Ineffectiveness]: Clear and unable to obtain positive effect

5. [Blindness]: Reduce the distance for monster 85% to detect players

language switching

the map currently supports simplified Chinese (China) [please download in simplified Chinese material package below], traditional Chinese (Taiwan, China) and English(US). if you want to switch languages, you can switch directly in the game Setting, and the whole map will be automatically translated.

Simplified Chinese Material Package Replacement Method

decompress the original map and delete the resources.zip file

drag the downloaded simplified Chinese material package and name it resources

traditional to Simplified Staff: Triumph KaiSenn

post-correction personnel: SakuraSu (Donghong)

Final rating system

1. At the end of the map, you will be rated for your overall performance and the challenges of each Boss.

2. The rating is divided into D ~ SSS, which is scored according to the total number of deaths of all players, the number of Boss challenges and the total time spent on the successful challenge.

3. All Boss can be singled out after many tests. SSS is based on the best performance we tested. Of course, the scoring criteria will vary according to the difficulty of selection.


version: 1.18.2 Optifine

please be sure to use Optifine, otherwise some materials in the map will not be displayed.

Material Plan/Resource Plan

do not use other resource packs. The map file already contains a resource pack. In theory, the material will be automatically loaded after the map is opened.

There will also be places in the starting hall for you to test whether the installation is successful.

If the material package for multiplayer games is not loaded correctly, please download the material package

interface Size: 3

this map contains full-screen special effects. The interface Size greater than or less than cannot be displayed normally. Please confirm it to 3 and use full-screen effect to play.

Number of visitors: 1~4

although this map has been tested to be feasible for a single person, it is still difficult for ordinary people. Please don’t overestimate your ability.

More than 4 people will destroy the balance between Easy and Normal modes. Please open the Hard mode for more than 4 people to play, but the fault tolerance rate is very low and the early experience will be more painful, so it is not very recommended.


please make sure your game mode is Adventure after entering the game.

Production team

main architect/visual effects/story/material/producer


instruction/Overall Balance/Instruction Optimization/Individual Systems


assist in construction


Toothpick_ OK


so much that you will be afraid, so it’s all listed after the map.


Minecraft 1.18.2 Evernight Map Minecraft 1.18.2 Evernight Map Minecraft 1.18.2 Evernight Map Minecraft 1.18.2 Evernight Map

How To Install Minecraft Map

  1. Press the key combination “Window+R” to Open the Run command window
  2. Insert “%appdata%” and then press “Enter” to open The “Roaming folder
  3. Now open the folder named “.minecraft”, you should see a subfolder named “saves” in it.

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